Surge in demand for British Born Chinese Frank To’s latest gunpowder art work

Frank To’s growing international reputation as a leading contemporary artist has led to the British born Chinese to be swamped by requests from prospective purchasers desperate to put down deposits to snap up his latest gunpowder series before they are even completed.

To’s gunpowder art will be on show at the Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair, represented by Gallery Q from 28th – 30th April. The artist was inspired to produce new work following the sell-out of the original series at the Royal Scottish Academy last year. The new gunpowder series on handmade paper will showcase To’s use of ignited signal flares granules to produce colour; a technique he has been developing alongside the explosive powder for several months.

To said: “Being a person of Chinese descent, gunpowder and black powder plays a major role in my culture. The Chinese invented it as form of spectacle and weaponry. To this day in all cultures, we are still using these compounds for those purposes especially in Scotland with independent landowners. They need gunpowder and black powder in the maintenance of their estate.”

“With the new gunpowder series, I would like the audience especially the public to enjoy viewing these pieces for what they are even if they don’t follow the contemporary art scene. That’s important as it gives them an appreciation for the arts and gives me inspiration and drive to keep going as an artist.”

Joyce McGlone, owner of Gallery Q, said, “Frank To is dedicated to continuing his journey in art – a journey enjoyed by both art lovers and collectors of his work”.

Frank To will be represented by Gallery Q at Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair, The Old Fruit Market, Merchant City from 22-24 April . STAND 7.

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