British Chinese Musician’s groundbreaking electronic Chinese music

British Chinese composer and music producer Andy Leung has launched his debut electronic album ‘New Cola’. The event took place at the China Exchange venue in the heart of London’s Chinatown.

One of the key highlights included renowned erhu player Wan Pin Chu on a digital erhu, which saw him transform a traditional instrument into a modern sound generating machine.

Andy Leung said, “Since the success of the mini album last year, we are delighted to announce this album and to perform it live. The album is the most unique of its kind, we’ve combined our passion for electronic music with Chinese music. It reflects the new skills and creativity required for modern composers and musicians. We are overwhelmed by the feedback from audiences from a diverse background. It was also a great opportunity to showcase Chinese culture and demonstrate the latest trend to a worldwide audience.”

The erhu (also known as the Chinese violin) is one of the most important musical instrument from China and has influenced Chinese culture for many centuries, nowadays it is often featured in a board range of traditional Chinese musical repertoires. Erhuist Wan Pin Chu said, “this is a forward thinking project as it is very rare for erhu to play with electronic music, as an erhu player, this approach has totally transformed a traditional instrument into an exciting and cutting edge new instrument. I am sure this will inspire a new generation of erhu repertoire.”

CEO of China Exchange, Freya Aitken-Turff, said: “We are delighted to be supporting Andy’s ‘New Cola’ project and loved hosting the team for their fantastic event at China Exchange. The successful evening saw Londoners of all backgrounds enjoy the distinctive New Cola Project and showcased Chinese culture as an important part of London’s rich and diverse social makeup. Through our Cultivate programme, we support passionate, creative, and committed artists like Andy and his team. We wish them every success in their exciting future.”



英国华人作曲家梁启浩(Andy Leung)与电子二胡家专辑演出发布会

音乐作曲家及制作人梁启浩在2016年2月13日发布他的首张电子专辑’New Cola’。该活动在伦敦唐人街中国站(China Exchange)场会举行。



梁启浩表示:“上年发布的迷你专辑十分成功,我们也非常高兴宣布这张专辑的发布。这张专辑独特之处是把我们对电子音乐的热爱与中乐结合一起。并反映现代作曲家和音乐家所需要新的技能和创造力。今次有来自全世界各地不同背景的观众, 也是一个展示中国新潮文化的好的机会。”

二胡是中国历史悠久的乐器,以陓越多个世纪的中国文化,如今广泛在传统中乐曲目中演奏。朱芸编亦表示,“这是一个前瞻性和创新的项目,因为二胡与电子音乐的结合是非常罕见的, 作为二胡演奏家,这项作品完全把一个传统的乐器改造为前沿的新乐器。我相信这一定能启发到新一代的二胡曲目。

中国站首席执行官,Freya Aitken-Turff, 表示:“我们很高兴能够支持梁启浩的New Cola项目。当晚吸引了不同背景的观众, 也反映出中国文化在伦敦的深厚影响。我们的培养计划致力支持充满热情和创意的音乐人和艺术家。我在此预祝梁启浩和他的团队未来一切顺利。”

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