The rise of Chinese tech companies

For many years, the conventional wisdom in the tech world is that the majority of digital innovation has arrived from Silicon Valley in California in the form of companies such as Apple and Google. However, recently there have been a few trailblazing Chinese companies that look set to upset the West’s dominance in the digital domain.

Mobile devices

Since the arrival of the iPhone in 2007, there has been a race amongst tech companies to develop an evermore innovative smart device at a competitive price. And interestingly, it’s Chinese companies who have been making headway in this area.

For example, in just two years since it was founded in Shenzhen, One Plus delivered the exceptional One Plus One smartphone that sought to smash the dominance created by the so-called ‘flagship’ developers. This was achieved through the device’s impressive use of Snapdragon technology and advanced camera-functions that quickly led to over one million users enjoying the product.

Despite the smartphone’s cost-effective price, it still managed to provide powerful specs that were perfectly suited to allowing users to keep up with a range of data-hungry tasks. These included the huge range of casino sites like Betsson that are reviewed in terms of playing options, casino promotions and slot bonuses via the Chipzup site, as well as enjoy other entertainment options such as film-streaming and social media apps. And with the brand’s new X device promising to deliver a much-sought after update to the company’s smartphone range, it looks like One Plus will be a company to watch.

Similarly, the Xiaomi company has been branded the ‘Apple of the East’ due to the fact that it sold over 61 million smartphones in 2014 – mostly in its home-nation of China. The company which was founded in Beijing in 2010 has also drawn parallels with the Apple brand thanks to its innovative publicity campaigns and secretive marketing methods that have done much to elevate the brand from a cost-effective tech-solution company, to being a highly sought-after lifestyle brand.

Tech innovation

However, some Chinese companies have been stepping outside of the traditional digital archetypes by offering some seriously cutting-edge instances of new technological adaptations.

Few companies prove a better example of this than the Shenzhen-based company DJI. In under ten years, this trailblazing brand has positioned itself at the forefront of drone-based consumer technology. It has achieved this feat by offering a consumer-friendly version of advanced drone technology so that drones featuring 12 megapixel cameras, built-in GPS, and image-stabilisation software can be afforded by most middle-income households.

And with the recent news that Chinese car brands such as Roewe and Trumpchi have entered the evermore lucrative automobile market, it looks like the future of technology could increasingly be Chinese.

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