This Wagyu Beef Bento Can be Yours for £2000

By Phillip –

Japan is known for its premium wagyu beef from the Tottori Prefecture, which is considered one of the highest-quality beefs in the world.

I’ve had it and it’s amazing and also expensive as fuck so it’s no surprise that a bento box consisting of 10 pounds of this premium beef is now available for the steep price of $2,615 U.S (£1900 approx)

If you can afford it, it comes in a bento box carved out in the shape of a cow with the exact cuts of beef corresponding to the correct location in the bento box’s cow silhouette. So that means in addition to the traditional prime rib, tenderloin, sirloin tip, brisket, and the chuck tender, you’ll also get other parts of the cow including the tongue and temple.


It also comes with the appropriate seasonings–a dipping sauce flavored with Tottori-grown pears and wasabi raised in the prefecture.


So with the holidays coming up, this is the perfect gift for the beef lover in your life provided you have the money. If so, you can order it here.

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