Thousands protest outside D&G shop in Hong Kong

Thousands of people have been protesting today outside designer brand Dolce and Gabbana’s shop in the affluent district of Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. The controversy came about when local media Apple Daily reported a few days ago that D&G would ban HK citizens from taking photos of their shop window.

Angel Kwok who studies in Newcastle and is spending her last few days in Hong Kong before returning to the UK said “it should have been obvious to D&G that they have no right to make such a rule up as anyone who would be taking a photo of the facade would be standing on Canton Rd, which is a public space”.

This incensed the HK people, many of whom went to protest and stopped the shop from opening today in the process. The protest was organised through a Facebook page attracting 13,000 likes in a few hours since it went up.

A former D&G employee who wishes not to be named said ” this must be one of the worst PR fails that D&G have experienced, they have to make a big apology”.

Many people went to protest, taking photos of the shop window 

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