Tiffany M. Lo on finding ways to give this Chinese New Year

How many of your 2016 new year resolutions have been met last year? Have you set a new ‘to-do’ list for Chinese New Year 2017?

‘As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others’ – Audrey Hepburn

Giving to charity might seem to be a fearful thing for a lot of you. It might sound like it’s costly, time-consuming, with fewer rewards at the end. However, this is so much deeper than weight loss goals and learning to speak another language (of course, they are important too!), It’s – to an extent – about your soul, personal growth, as well as your lasting happiness.

Are you looking for more meaning in your existence? Are you feeling stress from work/assignments/studies?

I am not here to talk about God. I am here to speak of the beauty of helping others.

Helping others gives us a sense of purpose, a meaning to life. Scientific researchers have proved that by ‘lighting a lamp for someone else’, it would reduce our rates of depression and increased our senses of life satisfaction.  Not only does it alleviates loneliness and enhance our social lives, but the action of performing a good deed will also lead to a chain reaction of other altruistic acts. Instantly, we become inspirational. We are promoting positive behaviours in the society! It’s easy, and it only takes up a few minutes of our time.

Here are a few ways to help others in our daily lives -for those who have busy schedules like me (it’s not always about donating money):

  1. Visit and get something from a charity shop
  2. Take your unwanted clothes to your closest charity shop in town
  3. Get a hot cuppa and give it to the homeless on a cold winter night
  4. Do little things like hold doors open for someone
  5. Use words of appreciation/compliment for family and friends
  6. A simple but meaning smile
  7. Listen to someone’s problem without making judgment
  8. Give up your seat for someone in need
  9. Make someone laugh
  10. Give someone a long tight hug when they are feeling exhausted
  11. Pick up litter as you walk through the pathway
  12. Bake something for a neighbour
  13. Give blood

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I have chosen to enter Miss Charity Heart this year to promote the importance of ‘giving’.

What’s your aim this year?

Tiffany M. Lo, a theatre practitioner, based in Hong Kong and Birmingham, was crowned as Miss Social Media of Birmingham 2016.

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