Traditional Han Chinese Show – Liverpool

Han Show

上下五千年,华夏文化渊源流长。我们精心制作的晚会将展示华夏文化的精髓:汉唐舞蹈,民乐,茶道,武术,太极,汉服秀,书法,诗歌。带大家去领略传统汉族文化的博大精深和儒雅高贵。 3月28号两场演出:下午2点半,晚上8点。

The rich and beautiful culture of quintessential Han ethnic Chinese, which spans thousands of years is explored with elegant and engaging music and dance featuring with tea ceremony, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, calligraphy, poems and traditional costume from different dynasties in the history of China.

Han ethnic group makes up over 90% of population in China and its culture fascinates us with its depth, diversity and sophistication.

At the Unity Theatre to celebration the Year of the Goat on Saturday 28th March as part of MDI’s 2015 LEAP Dance Festival

Han Show 2

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