TVB looking for people to take part in a programme (London)

TVB would like to find prominent people interested to take part in a special TVB series about personal profiles, youth, Chinese women, artists, British Chinese mixed marriages, teaching Chinese culture etc. They will pay for the train tickets. The filming will be in London and a TVB representative will send someone to pick up the guest at the Train station (Euston) and bring them back.

Dates for filming 

The following dates are set for the time being. – 1st March, 8th March, 12th April and 26th April 2012. It will take up about 4-5 hours to record.

About the series

The series is about different types of Chinese youth and the older generation life experiences and their profiles. One example is how the expectation from your parents about your future might end up differently, such as you study medicine because your parent wants you to. At the end, you finish the study but do something completely different. Or maybe you are an aspiring artist and what to tell your story. These are just examples, please get in contact so further information can be provided or leave a comment below.

For more information please contact Dee Lo from the British Chinese Network.

Click here and fill out this form. 


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