British born Michelle Huynh in Miss Pearl of Asia

British born Michelle Huynh, 25, a graduate in Business and Management at the Queen Mary University of London is currently working for an investment consultancy firm. With intelligence as well as beauty, she is currently on a quest to win the title of Miss Pearl of Asia UK 2015 Beauty Pageant, with the help of Nee Hao Magazine readers’ votes.

The show will be held on Saturday 28th November 2015 at the Bernie Arts Centre, London.

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What is Miss Pearl of Asia UK about? “Miss Pearl of Asia UK is a luxurious beauty pageant that will represent a diversity of young aspiring women aged 16 – 30 years old from countries in Asia, who will be involved in a top-end production that will acquaint spectators with their beauty, personality, ambition and diversity.

The primary cause of Miss Pearl of Asia UK is to help raise awareness for sponsoring children in need. We aim to support one of the largest child-centred community development organisations in the world, helping children and their families in the poorest countries to break the cycle of poverty.

Candidates will be given the chance to become an ambassador of Miss Pearl of Asia UK whilst developing leadership, teamwork, marketing, self-respect and honourable skills as well as gain new friendships, which are all valuable in giving these candidates a vision and goal for the future. Candidates will learn that intelligence is not only gained from education, but you can also be achieved when your walk, your talk and your manner reflect a superior mind which bears forth an outstanding character.

Just like a pearl, these women will represent beauty, elegancy and value. Beauty that derives from the Asian countries; elegancy of a graceful, stylish appearance and manner; and knowing the value these women are worth and how they will become a role model to others.”

Why did you join this pageant? The main reason why I wanted to join is because I have followed this pageant from the very start and have seen a massive affect it has given to a child in need. Having been Vietnam several times, visiting the poorer parts of the country seeing the orphanage children and elderly in poverty relying on just the basics of food and water was the most disheartening scene, it was very emotional for me to see them in that situation, hence why I want to try my very best to make a difference to them.

What makes you stand out from the other contestants? I am a unique individual with an easy-going personality, hardworking etiquette with a warm loving heart. My friends see me as one of the kindest, dedicated person who would do anything to take care of those who need it most.

Who is the most influential person in your life? The most influential person in my life would definitely be my mother. She is an amazing role model, the most hardworking person I’ve known and I’ve learn many things that certainly taught me the importance of giving and helping those who need it more than us. Life is not about expensive handbags and shoes, but it is the value and appreciation you should have when giving and receiving, no matter what it is.

Michelle 2

Rank wealth, health and family and explain why? I would choose family first as they are the most important to me. Secondly, I would rank health as over the years of my life, I have seen close family members passing away with serious and unexpected illnesses that have caused a lot of grief in the family which have had a lot of effect in our working lives. I would make a huge sacrifice to make sure my family are in good condition. Lastly wealth, it has provided me with great education, skills and shelter to live under that will assist me to help others.

If there were no rules in your life for one day and you could be outrageous, what would you do? I would fly around the world sending happy messages so that people can be a little more cheerful to make the world a better place… Also, I would eat everything in the world hoping that I would stay the same figure!

What are your interests, hobbies and ambition? I love going shopping, socialising with my friends, keeping fit and healthy in the gym and travelling. It will be my 14th country this December when I go Denmark. I have visited Vietnam, Spain, Ibiza, Greece, Turkey, Brazil, United States of America, Bulgaria, France, Hong Kong, China, Portugal and Hungary. Some of these I have re-visited more than once, due to my passion in travelling the world. I love exploring different countries as it takes me on an adventure, giving me different perspectives from many cultures and understanding the way we all live our lives. My ambition is to gain more experience from my current work employment, develop more expertise and a natural flair in becoming a successful entrepreneur.


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Click on image to go to the Lily Charmed website and use the code for 10% off!

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