Winse’s Carrot and Daikon Pork Soup 青紅蘿蔔湯


Photo Credit : Christopher Hawker and Katie Leung

This comforting soup is common in many Chinese households as it is known to have heat elevating properties. It soothes the gut and promotes bowel actions.

Daikon is an elongated, white coloured radish which you can easily find in Chinese supermarkets. They are generally grown during the winter months and are native to Asia.

Green radish is short and stumpy in shape, jade green in colour and is also native to Asia.

Chinese apricot almonds are softer in texture, white in colour and are heart shaped.  The combination of all these ingredients gives a soothing, nourishing, sweet and savoury taste, perfect for autumn meal times.

2 Litres water
250 grams lean pork
350 grams green radish
350 grams daikon
350 grams red carrots
1 tablespoon chicken powder
2 tablespoons Chinese apricot almonds
2 tablespoons Chinese dried goji berries
3 slices of ginger
1 teaspoon salt



Bring a pot of water to boil on medium, high heat. Wash and cut the meat into thick chunks, set aside. Peel radish, carrots, daikon, cut into 1 inch bite size chunks, set aside. Peel and slice ginger, set aside.

Rinse, almonds and goji berries under running water, drain and set aside.

Once the water is hot, combine all the ingredients into the pot including chicken powder and salt. Lid on and boil on a medium/low heat for 40 minutes. Serve.


Winse Chan is a rising chef from Scotland and soon to be author of a cookbook about classic and authentic Chinese recipes, passed down from generations and inherited from the women who have influenced her cooking. She is currently working with Nee Hao Magazine to bring you a series of exclusive mouth watering recipes for you to try cooking at home.

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