10 Awesome Things You’ll (N)ever Buy!

10 – Star Wars Luxury Bath Robe
£36.99 on Amazon.co.uk

The Force is strong with this one; face it, even Yoda needs to take a bath once in a while. If the dark side’s more for you, try this Darth Vader dressing gown.

starwars9 – Periodic Table Shower Curtain

£17.99 on Amazon.co.uk

Where would Tiger Mother’s future Nobel Prize Winner be without one?


8 – Replica Batmobile 

£120,000 on Firebox.com

Comes with a state-of-the-art working rocket exhaust flamethrower too!

As Robin would say, “holy atomic pile, Batman!”, forget the tube!

Psst! And if you’ve got extra cash to blow, buy an underground and hidden parking spot to go with it.

batmobile7 – Glow-in-the-dark toilet paper

£4.99 on Glow.co.uk

Hate sneaking off to the toilet night and can’t find the toilet paper? Don’t want to wake anyone up by turning on the light? Here’s our solution: glow-in-the-dark toilet paper!


6 – Facebook “Like” Kitchen Gloves

£19.00 (approx.) on Yeople.com

Baking has never been more likeable with these fantastic oven mitts


5 – Ninja Salt and Pepper Shakers

£14.89 (approx.) on Amazon.co.uk

Stealthy and shakable – that’s what makes a perfect ninja at our dinner table!

4 – Nyan Cat Necklace

£8.00 on Etsy.com

Our favourite kitty that poops out rainbows can now be displayed beautifully as an ideal accessory for any budding fashionista. Unfortunately, it comes without the sound effects of the most beloved Youtube song.


3 – Virtual Keyboard

£66.00 (approx.) on Brookstone.com

Type into the future with this latest gadget from Brookstone.


2 – Killer Whale Submarine

£64,000 (approx.) on Hammacher.com

Praise the technology gods! Disguise yourself as one of nature’s  most majestic creatures whilst perfectly submerged under water with this KILLER WHALE SUBMARINE! Need we say more!?


1 – Jet Pack

Unknown price on Martinjetpack.com

Ditch the rush hour crush and soar the skies with your own personal jetpack!


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