2 Year Old Chinese boy and his parents victims of acid attack in London

By Erin Chew – yomyomf.com

A 2 year old Chinese boy and his parents have become victims of a random acid attack on a North London street. Both parents (40 and 36 years old) were attacked without notice, where a man ran up to the father and threw acid at his face. His injuries are now life changing. The splashback got onto the mother and the 2 year old boy, but lucky their injuries are minimal.

Police are now searching for witnesses to determine the motive. There is no description of what the attacker looks like or what race he is, so I will hold off with making any assumptions at this stage. The sad part is the father is now being treated for life changing injuries as acid is extremely corrosive. 2 people helped the family after the attack, ran into a close by corner shop to buy water to pour over the victims. The shop owner Murat Kayran told police and the The Independent UK:

“They were a Chinese family, a woman frantically ran in here when it happened and said ‘there’s been an acid attack’. She bought one bottle at first and then after that bought three more bottles of 1.5l water to pour on the man’s burns after a person threw acid in his face.

“Then a gentleman came in and bought another three.

“About five minutes later and ambulance and police cars turned up, as well as the fire brigade.

“It’s such a scary thing to happen.”

Police are looking for any witnesses to gather more information for their investigation.

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