A selection of photos from the Qing Dynasty

A selection of old photographs taken from the Qing dynasty era, the last imperial dynasty of China, from 1644 to 1912. The dynasty spanned just shy of three hundred years with the empire’s territory forming the base of present day China.


Two female/hostesses performing Chinese classical music with dancing for their clients.


A family photo of a rich man with his mother, wives and children relaxing in their garden. Each person has a separate tea table, with original Chinese calligraphy art pieces in the background.


Two women sitting on a wheelbarrow taxi. This was a common method to get around in this small town. The driver holds two wooden bars to push the wheelbarrow, with a harness to double up safety.


Workers at an embroidery workshop


Two men wine & dine in a brothel with female entertainers. The brothels were a place where men could do business or networking and socialise by “drinking flower wine” (喝花酒).


Princesses from the Royal family taken from the Qing Dynasty.

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