A trio of dessert shops sweeten Chinatown London​

Londoners fell in love with Chinatown’s Bubblewrap and Taikayi fish ice cream creations over the summer, with pictures of jade green soft-serve and towering ice cream waffles filling up our Instagram feeds.

With the launch of a trio of new dessert outlets on Newport Court this February, Chinatown London is once again at the forefront of the East Asian street dessert scene in London.

The line up includes specialty Tea House and creator of wonka-style matcha sundaes, soft-serve and desserts, TSUJIRI. Bringing their matcha mastery, to Chinatown London, TSUJIRI are now open at 33 Newport Court. Offering ceremonial grade matcha and green tea, alongside modern Japanese desserts, TSUJIRI gives classic sweets such as cheesecake, crème brule and tiramisu a full yuzu and matcha makeover.

Joining TSUJIRI at 35 Newport Court for their European debut is Guo C 100, one of the leading Hong Kong-style dessert brands in China and known for their delicious and healthy fruit desserts. With over 350 stores around China, Guo C 100 also has outlets throughout the world including the United States, Australia and South Korea.  Fruity desserts on offer include delicious Korean style Shaved Ice in a variety of vibrant colours and flavours, topped with fresh fruit. Elsewhere there are hot dessert soups, rice cakes, durian and mango milk puddings and Cantonese mango pancakes, wrapped up in striking mango-yellow crepes.

Completing the trio of dessert operators is RORO, a modern dessert and snack bar, specialising in Chinese and Asian desserts, such as delicately layered Mille Crepes, Cream Puffs and the Snow Box – a fresh cream dessert wrapped in thin rice skin.  Also on the menu is popular Chinese street food and breakfast staple Jianbing, prepared to order on a hot, round griddle and filled with braised pork, sausage andcrispy wonton skin, and drizzled in thick soy sauce, chilli, spring onions and coriander.

TSUJIRI, 33 Newport Court, Chinatown London, WC2H 7PQ

RORO, 34 Newport Court, Chinatown London, WC2H 7PQ

Guo C 100, 35 Newport court, Chinatown London, WC2H 7PQ



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