Abalone Sashimi style recipe – An alternative Christmas dish

For the Christmas period, Nee Hao brings you some food ideas and recipes so you can treat your family and friends. 

We all love a roast, but how about treating yourself and your family. Injecting some Japanese influence and ingredients into your banquet will make it feel special and luxurious.

After all at Christmas it’s all about banqueting and treating yourself. So why not swap that prawn cocktail for prawn nigiri sushi with Kizami Wasabi. Or what about Abalone Sashimi style?

You’ll need:

• 12x 60-70mm abalone; prepared

• 2 x tsp of frozen yuzu juice and peel

• 6 tbsp shoe (dark soy sauce)

• 2 tbsp grated ginger

• 1 spring onion; in julienne strips

• 2 tbps sesame oil

• 1 garlic clove; minced

Slice the abalone meat very thinly. Combine the yuzu, shoyu, grated ginger, spring onion, sesame oil and garlic in a bowl. Place the sliced abalone in the bowl and marinate for at least an hour.

Arrange the sliced abalone back in shells or on a plate and pour more marinade over it. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Serve with micro herbs or a light watercress garnish. Yum!

And to follow, rather than turkey what about a koji marinated yakitori chicken?

And vegetarians have some fantastic options to explore too, such as:

Tempura mixed veg with a kombu dashi vinegar and soy dip

Grilled asaparagus with a miso, mirin and sesame dressing

Grilled tofu and chili miso hirata buns with smoked shriracha mayo.

And, as for the drinks, throw out that sickly Baileys and replace it with a luxurious Yuzu Sake, a modern twist on the traditional Japanese rice wine.

For those who can’t bear the thought of messing with the traditional roast, there are other ways of injecting some Asian influence into festive feasting this year.

Japanese style canapes and nibbles are perfect for impressing guests at parties and leftover turkey and veg can easily be whipped up into a Boxing Day ramen or chahan (fried rice).

Most people are left feeling sluggish and bloated during the annual Christmas food frenzy, but Japanese dishes tend to be healthy, light and fresh – making them the perfect antidote to over-indulgence.


By Stu Turner is director of Japanese food supplier SushiSushi.co.uk, which supplies the UKs largest range of Japanese and Asian food, drink, packaging, tableware and equipment.




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