Alex Yip meeting with West Midlands Police about burglaries targeting Chinese families

Following an apparent spate of burglaries targeting Chinese families across the country, Birmingham City Councillor Alex Yip met with representatives from West Midlands police force last week looking into what more can be done to reassure people. 

在全国各地发生了多起针对华人家庭的盗窃案件后,伯明翰市议员Alex Yip上周与西米德兰郡的警察代表会面,商讨如何做更多的事情以安抚民众。

Many people were concerned and worried for the safety of their friends, family and the elderly after seeing videos of attacks and ransacked homes circulating social media that Cllr Yip felt compelled to set up an online petition.


In three weeks, the petition received 740 replies from people across the country with many comments asking for more support from the Police in Chinese, advice on how to protect their homes and extra patrols.


67% of respondents said that they were feeling ‘very worried’ and 57% feeling ‘very scared’ because of the recent events.


The police have said that although the public perception is that Chinese families are being targeted, this is not borne out by statistics. ‘Residential burglary remains a force priority and overnight crime is discussed daily with senior managers, investigators and analysts.’ Sarah Long, Birmingham Police Sergeant.

警方表示,虽然公众认为华人家庭开始成为攻击目标,但统计数据并不能证实上述观点。伯明翰警长Sarah Long表示:“住宅入室盗窃一直是优先处理的案件,并且警局高级管理人员,调查员和分析师们每天会就夜间犯罪进行探讨。”

Cllr Yip from Birmingham City Council is pushing the police force to do more targeted-awareness campaigns in Chinese to advise Chinese families how to better protect themselves in their homes and how to protect against cybercrime. He is also pushing for the police to produce more information in Chinese, promoting dedicated Chinese speaking officers and phone lines and reporting centers.

Cllr Yip comments “I am determined that the police force take this issue very seriously and look at better supporting our community through changes and targeted programs that actually work. The online petition is still active and I encourage everyone to take just a few moments to fill in the survey. All data will be kept confidentially by only myself. If there is enough people replying from across the country I will seek to escalate this to the Home Office.’


Top Tips for Staying Safe:


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  1. Wherever possible, do not use your device or have it on show when walking around.
  2. 尽可能在行走时不要使用手机或将其展示出来。
  3. Be aware of who is around you and may be watching what you are doing online.
  4. 注意你身边的人,他们可能正在观察你在做什么。
  5. Do not get distracted by somebody who could steal your device.
  6. 不要被那些试图盗取你手机的人分心。
  7. Do not leave smartphones and tablets on view through windows and glass doors.
  8. 不要把手机和智能平板电脑放在玻璃窗或玻璃门前显而易见的地方。
  9.     Never leave valuables visible in a car. Even if you are in the car, your laptop could be vulnerable to theft when you are stationary (for example, whilst parking or at traffic lights).
  10. 切勿将贵重物品留置在车内。即使您也在车中,窃贼也很可能利用停车时间(例如您停车或等候红绿灯时)抢走笔记本电脑等贵重物品。
  11. To avoid being abused online, review what online information exists about you and keep it to a minimum.
  12. 为避免网络攻击,查看网上有哪些有关您的信息并避免曝光过多个人信息。
  13. Regularly change your e-mail and passwords for key online accounts and keep them safe.
  14. 定期更改在线账户的电子邮箱和密码以保证安全。
  15. Ensure that your computer and mobile devices have up-to-date internet security software installed and turned on and ensure your wireless hub/router has security turned on.
  16. 确保您的计算机和手机,安装并随时更新互联网安全软件,并确保您的无线集线器/路由器安全的开启。
  17. Be aware of fraudsters asking you to transfer moneyto other people – whether it is for travel, education, family emergencies, or family support as these products and services may not actually exist.
  18. 警惕金融诈骗,让您转钱给他人–无论是为旅游,教育,家中救急或亲友请求帮忙,也许这些产品和服务并不是真实存在的。
  19. Never send money to someone you have not met in person and never provide your banking information to people or businesses you do not know.
  20. 不要将钱转账给您还未见到面的人,也不要将您的银行信息提供给您不熟悉的个人或公司。



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