Andrew Hung’s chippy awarded UK top 10

Achieved no.1 ranking for restaurants in Enfield in only 3 months.
Achieved no.1 ranking for restaurants in Enfield in only 3 months.

British Chinese Andrew Hung’s Fish and Chips shop was selected as one of the Top 10 best newcomers to the Fish & Chips Industry in The National Fish & Chip Awards 2016. The shop is located in Enfield, Middlesex. 

Hung Said: “We are obviously extremely proud to be awarded as one of the Top 10 best newcomer award in the UK. My Parents were first generation Chinese immigrants to the UK, they made some money running a Chinese Take-Away. After a few years they bought the neighbouring shop and converted it into a Cafe/Fish & Chips Shop.

We grew up in a flat above the Fish & Chips shop, but our parents never taught us the trade – as they wanted us to move into different professions.

The shop had been left empty for many years (after we had a fire at the shop), at the end of last year (a month after my second child was born) I decided to take over the shop and challenge myself to create a traditional Fish & Chips shop with a fresh modern image.

My parents came to this country with next to nothing, and they successfully funded our education and opportunity set through working very hard behind the counter of these shops – it is therefore my desire to make my parents proud of me by applying these accumulated skills and making the shop successful again in a much more competitive environment.”


He added: “We are always striving to reach the highest levels of customer service. All the fish are cooked fresh to order and the customers love to see in front of their eyes perfectly fried fish held high in the air vertically to drain any excess oil (and to prove that the batter is crispy and tightly wrapped around the fish). Customers are always waving to our staff as they walk past our shop, there is always lots of happy conversational engagement across the counter and we monitor all the review sites for any feedback for improvements.

After listing our shop on TripAdvisor in January, we successfully achieved number one ranking for restaurants in Enfield after only three months. Currently on Google and Facebook, we have been overwhelmed with excellent positive reviews (all ratings are currently five out of five).”

There are around 10,500 specialist fish & chip shops in the UK, and around 382 million portions of fish & chips served every year. 

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