Artist profile: British Chinese male pop artist – Le Fil

Le Fil is a male singer, composer and performer based in London with a unique androgynous style and a distinctive visual image.

The British born Chinese singer has starred in fashion campaigns such as Selfridges’ gender utopia Agender, and has featured in Wallpaper*, QX Magazine, Dazed & Confused and i-D. Originally from Huddersfield, the Yorkshire-born artist studied at Camberwell College of Arts.

Le Fil has recently released his new electronic pop-infused Nightlife EP featuring five new songs including the lead buzz single Genesis plus Roses, Nightlife, Taxi and 24/7.

“Nightlife is a collection of songs that reflect certain moods and feelings we have in the middle of the night when we can’t sleep. Often we’re worrying, or pining, or too excited to sleep – and everything feels so much more heightened in those early hours” explains Le Fil. “That’s why I call my songs Epic Pop – because the energy always feels epic and bigger than us.”


Nightlife takes us on a journey from the lead single Genesis to the darker rockier song Roses about loving somebody who hurts you; through a tale of misplaced affection on Nightlife; to urge to breaking away from the city on the electro-pulsing Taxi ride before closing with an all you can eat pop-stomper 24/7. The EP was entirely produced by Frankmusik (Ellie Goulding / Sky Ferreira/ Erasure). “When I was writing this EP, I was inspired by a lot of movies – Drive, Fifth Element, Akira – they all formed a visual backdrop for this epic world I was creating with the music. So I was extremely lucky to collaborate with Frankmusik on it as he was perfect at giving a really big cinematic finish to the sound”.

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