Jinx Yeo: The comedy surprise discovery of this year’s Fringe

A+ Underachiever

After a successful run at the Adelaide Fringe 2016, Award-winning Singaporean comedian Jinx Yeo (1st Runner-Up, Hong Kong International Comedy Festival 2011) is making his Edinburgh Fringe debut. Incidentally, this makes Jinx the first-ever Singaporean comedian to bring a solo hour-show to the festival.

In the autobiographical “A+ Underachiever”, Jinx spills the beans on his clumsy attempts to juggle Asian parental expectations with his unorthodox personal aspirations… and the real-world “sitcom” that ensues when he inevitably drops a few balls.

Jinx’s hard-hitting punchlines, effortless delivery, and clever material has made him a front-runner in Asia’s rising comedy scene. One of the most international comedians to come out of Singapore, Jinx has headlined comedy shows all over Asia, as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

Having performed in 16 countries (such as India, Australia, and Germany) on 3 continents, Jinx’s comedy material is based on observations and experiences that are widely relatable – not just to Asians, but to audiences of other backgrounds and ethnicities as well. The international appeal of Jinx’s comedy earned him a finalist position in the America Meet World Global Comedy Competition (2014).

Born of the conflict between his strict conservative Asian upbringing, and anti- authoritarian Hippie influences learned from studying in America – Jinx’s comedy offers a fresh perspective that hasn’t been covered by many comedians, partly because Singaporeans have often been stereotyped as humourless and regimented people.

A+ Underachiever provides a comedic peek into the experiences of growing up in a traditional Asian family, in an increasingly Westernized world.

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