August Babe of the Month: Jamie Hoang


Name: Jamie Hoang

Age: 21

Occupation: Comedy and Lifestyle YouTuber

Current location: London

From: Newcastle

Favourite fashion style: I’m like a transformer (haha), I can change from cute, casual to classy and chic or even to a vintage look.

What do you do in your spare time?

Designing and sewing hand made crafts, socialising with friends, travelling and exploring, creating new content and YouTubing!

Any make-up or skincare tips to share with Nee Hao readers?

I find that the most effective way to keep your skin looking healthy is to drink plenty of water. Most people spend so much on expensive anti ageing products and don’t realise how effective water can be. It keeps the skin well hydrated and it can also flush out the toxins in your body, giving you healthy and glowing skin.

Favourite holiday destination: Venice

Favourite food: oooo.. thats a hard one.. mmm.. sushi and Indian cuisine

Enjoy or not enjoy clubbing?

I enjoy going out dancing and having fun with friends but I’m not a fan of alcohol

What do you think of the “selfie stick” you used in one of your youtube videos?

The selfie stick is AWESOME, it allows you to take selfies that you would never be able to do if you were just holding your smartphone at arms length.

What’s the best moment of your life so far?

Today is the best moment so far, I feel that all areas of my life just get better everyday. Happiness is a perspective, I spend my time smiling and making others smile, this in turn keeps my happy. Life can only get better..






年龄: 21

职业: YouTube的生活和搞笑视频达人

现居地: 伦敦

来自: 纽卡索

最喜爱时尚风格: 我是百变女王, 既可以变可爱, 又可以变性感. 从休闲到正式, 从新潮到复古我样样来.

闲暇时喜欢做什么? 有空就会设计和缝制手工艺品, 喜欢社交活动, 喜欢和朋友们去旅行去冒险, 以及不断创作YouTube视频.

请跟大家分享一下你的护肤/化妆心得: 我发现让皮肤保持健康的最有效方法就是多喝水. 很多人花费大把大把的钱在昂贵的护肤品上, 但他们往往忽略了水的神奇功能. 水不但滋润皮肤而且排毒, 多喝水会使肌肤变得健康有弹性.

最喜爱旅游胜地: 威尼斯

最喜爱食物: 额……这道题有点难……我想是应该是寿司和印度菜

喜欢参加派对活动么? 我喜欢和朋友们去跳舞, 但不太喜欢喝酒.

能给我们介绍一下你Youtube视频里的”自拍棒”么? 自拍棒太好用了, 它能帮助你拍到用手拿智能手机所拍不到的范围.

请分享一下你觉得人生中最棒的时刻是什么: 是今天, 每一天我都觉得今天是人生中最棒的时刻, 每一天都比昨天好. 每个人对幸福的理解是不同的, 我喜欢微笑, 喜欢让别人因我而笑, 让别人幸福我也因此感到幸福. 生活只能越变越美好.

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