Ayi Jihu on the Fear Chaser Project

Rising Chinese star Ayi Jihu from Cambridge released a new video today explaining much about her growing Fear Chaser project that has caught the imagination of fans worldwide. The Online video game of Fear Chaser starring Ayi Jihu and based on her concept is proving to be a hit with gamers worldwide.

Ayi Clears up many misunderstandings about Fear Chaser in her video while telling us what to expect in the future as the project grows. 2012 is a big year for Fear Chaser with production breaking ground on the Short Movie, As well as her Fear Chaser Album. Also Ayi is expected to be performing Fear Chaser live in a technologically groundbreaking way; We are awaiting more details on that one.


In the video Ayi not only speaks about what Fear Chaser is but how it started and what it stands for. She explains a little about Fear Chaser being more than just a movie, but also a way of life, a movement, encouraging people all around the world to acknowledge and confront their fears.

Ayi also speaks about the ethnic and cultural influences that inspire Fear Chaser and make it slightly different from superhero figures that have gone before. ‘Anyone can be a Fear Chaser’ Ayi says. The different cultural and ethnic influences in Fear Chaser are displayed in the Re-designed Fear Chaser costume for 2012. Angela DeMontigny, native Canadian designer and stylist to Ayi Jihu is a top Fashion designer and she played a real part in helping Ayi and Co expand the Fear Chaser vibe to embrace even more cultures.

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