Babe of the Month August Summer Special– Lisa Hui

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Babe of  August  2013

(Summer Special) – Lisa Hui

Age:  19

Birthday: 28/05

Height: 166 cm

Current location: Toronto


From: Hong Kong+ Zhe Jiang, but I had lived in Saudi Arabia for six years.

来自:香港   祖籍浙江, 曾旅居沙地阿拉伯6年

Occupation/Profession: Student/ Singer/ Performer


Favourite holiday destination: Hawaii and Spain


Favourite fashion style: I love all styles!


Favourite food: I love all food (except vegetables)

最喜爱的食物: 除了蔬菜什么都爱.

Enjoy or not enjoy going clubbing?

I do enjoy clubbing, but I barely go.

喜不喜欢参加派对 : 很喜欢参加派对, 但是很少去.

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Do you wish to be Nee Hao magazine’s Babe of the month? Send in a few photos and a brief bio to us and you can be featured in the future.

如果你想成为Nee Hao杂志的“本月宝贝”, 就请尽快给我们寄来你的照片和个人简历吧. 相信你会成为最有人气的宝贝!

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