Bachelor of the Month: Nee Hao’s guest editor – Johnny Luk

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Age 年龄 : 23

From: Milton Keynes, Durham and now living in London

来自:米尔顿·凯恩斯, 杜伦, 现居伦敦

Job: I am in the UK Government Fast Stream Leadership programme and currently the Deputy Head of Strategy for Entrepreneurship. I was a Senior Policy Advisor at the age of just 21 in the UK Government, one of the few from a Chinese background and worked on reducing the Government deficit. I am deeply passionate about social mobility, and wrote a book about getting a graduate job called ‘The Grad Job Game’. I am in addition the co-founder of an award nominated social enterprise called ‘Inspired & Hired’ with a mission to transform the way we measure talent and ability, no matter what background.

职业: 正为英国政府的”速流领导计划项目”努力工作, 目前是创业战略部门的副总. 我21岁时就已经成为制定英国政府减少财政赤字政策的高级顾问, 是团队中极少数拥有华裔背景的. 我对”社会阶层流动性”的研究充满热情, 写了本关于毕业后如何找工的书, 名为《毕业找工的游戏》. 此外我还是“激励与雇用奖”的创立人, 用于鼓励创业者和企业. 此奖带着一个神圣的使命, 就是改变过往评定天赋和能力的一贯标准, 不受背景的限制.

Favourite food: Egg fried rice!

最喜爱食物: 蛋炒饭!

Enjoy or not enjoy going out clubbing? Love it. I used to break dance at university, although rowing ate up valuable clubbing time when I was a teenager.

喜欢参加派对活动吗? 大爱. 读大学那阵我可是跳街舞的呀, 尽管青少年时划艇运动占据了我很多去趴体的宝贵时间.

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