Between East & West: The British Chinese

An artistic investigation by Mike Tsang into what it means to be a British Born Chinese – featuring 15 photographic portraits, archival imagery & written interviews. Award-winning photographer Mike Tsang opens a groundbreaking photographic exhibition showcasing the fascinating stories of the British Born Chinese and their families’ journeys to Britain.

Howard and his sister Vivien are the children of Chinese-Malaysian immigrants who opened a Chinese bakery in London. They have just begun a gourmet Asian desert line called Little Moons.

Tsang presents Between East and West as an exhibition premiere exploring the heritage of this new community in the UK. Through the combination of Eastern and Western values, the participants form part of this unique third culture that will shape Chinese influence in 21st century Britain.

Nat Wei is a member of the House of Lords, and currently the youngest active sitting Peer.
Nat grew up in Milton Keynes, speaking Cantonese at home and surrounded by Chinese culture.
David is the Creative Director of Chinatown Arts Space and founder member of Yellow Earth Theatre, the UK’s foremost company producing theatre of British East Asian content.
Most British people’s exposure to Chinese culture is through the Chinatowns or the ubiquitous takeaways of UK cities. But where are the Chinese in culture, sport or politics? Between East & West celebrates the role of British Born Chinese in modern society and challenges the distorted view of Chinese culture as the mystical Orient.
William is a Police Constable for the Metropolitan Police Service in the borough of Waltham Forest. He joined the police in order to “make a difference in the world”
Tsang’s family migrated from China to Mauritius to the UK, provoking him to ask which parts of him are Chinese and which parts British. His background allows him to connect with others facing a similar dilemma and to understand the tensions of embracing different cultures.
Don is Swiss German on his mother’s side and Chinese on his Guangdong-born father’s side. Don resisted joining his family’s Chinese medicinal treatments business for many years, but gaining an interest in his Chinese roots in his late 20s.
November 6th-16th 2012
SW1 Gallery
12 Cardinal Walk
Roof Garden Level
Cardinal Place
(Off Victoria Street)
London SW1E 5JE
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