Birmingham strengthens collaboration with Chinese rail giant

Senior leaders from one of China’s biggest railway rolling stock companies have visited the University of Birmingham to explore ways of working together on cold chain technologies.

Representatives from CRRC (China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation) Sijiazhuang Co. Ltd met experts at the Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage to discuss developing energy-efficient ways of transporting items, such as agricultural produce and pharmaceuticals, that need to be kept at a low temperature.

Founded in 1905, the CRRC Sijiazhuang Co. Ltd is China’s largest railway truck maintenance company and rail vehicle air-conditioning equipment manufacturer. It is also striving to become a major manufacturer of new energy vehicles in China.

Mr Zhao Weizong, Board Chairman of CRRC Sijiazhuang who led the visiting senior delegation, said: “Seeking to form partnerships with world leading institutions such as the University of Birmingham to help us enhance our capabilities and performance is an important part of our international strategy. We are very pleased to visit the University and discuss further development of collaboration in cold chain technologies.”

Professor Andy Schofield, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Head of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Birmingham, said: “It gives me great pleasure to welcome distinguished guests from another of our strong collaborative partners in China. Energy storage is one of the research peaks in the University of Birmingham where we have world leading expertise.

“Cold chain technologies research is one of the most important topics at the Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage.  I am delighted that we have developed a productive collaboration with CRRC Sijiazhuang.  

“We see forming win-win partnerships with leading industrial collaborators throughout the world as an important component of our international strategy.  We look forward to working closely together and making great contributions to the development of safe and clean low carbon energy systems in the UK and China.”

Professor Yulong Ding, Director of Birmingham Energy Storage Centre, commented: “The collaboration is built on complementary strengths of cold storage technologies at Birmingham, cold chain logistics and rail transportation at CRRC Shijiazhuang. This allows us to work more closely, making a greater impact on the development of more efficient, clean and low carbon cold chain technologies in both countries and beyond”

Mr Zhang Jianwu, Vice President of the CRRC Sijiazhuang, added: “One important factor that enables successful collaboration, in addition to a shared vision and interests, is the mutual understanding and gelling, the professionalism and competence of the teams working on the ground.  We have found exactly that in our partner team of University of Birmingham. We sincerely hope that through the excellent work the two sides will continue to put in, our partnership will be a long-term successful one.”

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