Bristol’s twin city of Guangzhou – Chinese TV crew to film youngsters on latest trip

Bristol will be showcased on a Chinese TV programme which regularly attracts more than 20 million viewers.

A camera crew from major Cantonese broadcasters GRT will follow a group of children from Bristol’s twin city of Guangzhou as they tour the city next month.

Six youngsters from Guangzhou will be in Bristol from August 16-20 along with the crew from Guangdong Radio and TV to film sequences for their ‘Kids English’ programme.

Dianne Francombe, chief executive of Bristol and West of England China Bureau, said they had put together a picked programme to give the visitors a vivid snapshot of life in the city.

“During their visit the children will compete in PE and Maths classes with pupils from Clifton College, as well as getting a tour of the campus.

“They will visit a local supermarket for a special ‘find the product’ challenge before a tour of    historic Berkeley Castle and afternoon tea with Charles Berkeley.

“They will also take part in an interactive workshop on the UWE campus, visit the Clifton Iron Age camp and also MShed.”

The students will also meet and interview the Deputy Mayor and visit the Lord Mayor at the Mansion House.

Finally, they will visit Hamilton House – where the youngsters will be able to get some Banksy style art tips.

Dianne said: “We have tried to think of everything which would make interesting viewing for our visitors as well as the millions of young people back in China.”

GRT is one of the biggest broadcasters in Cantonese Chinese radio and television network and Kids English is a popular programme targeting youngsters of between 4-16.


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