British-Chinese music video: The Social Generation by Max Sleigh

Max Sleigh( 梁悦信) is an independent UK-Chinese music artist, writing and producing his own blend of Chinese and English songs.

Max is ¼ Chinese (his paternal Grandma is from Hong Kong), ¾ British and his Grandfather used to play as a professional session bass player. Learning Chinese and making British-Chinese music has been a way of Max finding his roots and himself.

Max has been writing and recording songs since his mid teens and, in January 2017, he performed twice on the Trafalgar Square stage in the largest annual Chinese New Year celebrations outside of Asia. His following on Chinese social media platform Weibo is growing fast and has already passed 13,000 followers. He is now looking to keep this number growing and make his sound heard around the world.

His latest music video, The Social Generationis a response to how excessive use and addiction to social media has, in many ways, made many of us anti-social.

The lyrics are mostly in English, featuring a third verse rapped in Mandarin Chinese, and talk about treasuring our loved ones and breaking away from the digital world.

The music video creates a world where the protagonists are controlled by the audience of the TV show and have to take “selfie” videos whenever the TV viewers tell them to. This draws a parallel with the reality we live in now, where we often present a heavily edited and unrealistic version of our lives online to impress others, and yet deep down, the fake news, edited personalities and lives we see online lead us to crave real-life relationships and connections.

The Social Generation is a journey of those taking the “selfies” and their audience, both becoming disillusioned with virtual reality and trying to escape to the real world.

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