Celebration of the richness of silks from the East: Bloomsbury pop-up

Silk Legacy from Xiaowen on Vimeo.

This December, Bloomsbury Gallery will host a three-day pop-up event in celebration of the richness of silks from the East.

From Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th December, Bloomsbury Gallery, a stone’s throw away from British Museum, will be transformed into a silk lover’s club with three days of boutique shopping, Chinese classic film screenings, live violin performances, silk painting workshops, and Chinese street food and cocktails, showcasing the best of oriental silk culture and the tastiest of Chinese home cooking.

Bringing back the golden age of Chinoiserie, the pop-up silk shop will feature traditional hand-embroidered silk garments with modern twists, hand-embroidered silk fabrics featuring traditional Chinese motifs, contemporary silk fabrics and accessories, as well as silk brush paintings and various artworks.






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Silks: Oriental Silk and Silk Legacy
Makeup and hair artists: Mi In Makeup (mi-in.co.uk), Kite Chuang, Weic Lin
Photographers: Yana Buzko (www.ybuzko.com), Jevgenija jevgenija.co.uk

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