Changyou Defends Online Gamers

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A witty campaign featuring three films hinting at the hidden feelings of Gamers for leading Chinese online game developer Changyou, has been launched in conjunction with the release of three new online games; TLBB 3D, Dush Fire and Warframe.

Developed by Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi and Saatchi & Saatchi Greater China, the campaign contrasts some unhappy realities faced by gamers in the real world with carefree adventures they experience when gaming online. The three films were developed around the campaign’s idea that “Playing can’t be bad”. #PlayingCantBeBad

Does online gaming cause antisocial behaviour? Or do others cause the gamer to seek escape from real life by playing games? The campaign uses ironic humor to examine human relationships.

In the film titled “Employee”, a staff member resorts to playing games on his mobile device at work because he feels disrespected by his boss. In “Little Girl”, a miserable father sticks to playing his online games instead of interacting with his daughter, after she continually puts makeup on him and dresses him up in ballet dresses. The third film of the series – “Mother” – features a mother of a young boy infatuated with the gaming universe, who wonders why her son is unable to get a girlfriend. The narrator questions if that is because the mother is not willing to let go of her son.

All three films include subtle insertions of the three new games launched by Changyou.

The campaign was launch in the main cinemas in China on April 22.

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