Student Zheng Ge Zi from Glasgow wins Voice of China Auditions

Zheng Ge Zi (Photographer Mike Sung)
Zheng Ge Zi (Photographer Mike Sung)

The Bloomsbury Theatre was the arena for The Voice of China Season 4 – European Auditions Final Battle. The show opened with a fantastic duet of Zhou Shen and Li Wei singing an amazing musical version of the popular Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” and the song “貝加爾湖畔”.

Once the show opened, the contestants gave everything in the first round of the final battle, showing their singing abilities and techniques to convince the four judges; Alfred Hui (許廷鏗), Zhou Shen, Li Wei and Wang Bo 

All fifteen finalists performed their contesting song, varying from a more classic Chinese song “酒矸倘賣無” which contestant number 1 侯博远 dedicated to his parents to a powerful performance by contestant number 7 蒋钰潇 of Beyonce’s “If I was a boy”.  A male version of “ I’ll always be your baby” by contestant number 9徐涵剑 to a heart touching “AINY” by contestant number 10李栢偉.

After the exiting first round, the four judges announced the Top 5: 张艺潇, 蒋钰潇, 李栢偉, 陈诗晴 and 郑格子 had to compete each other in the second round and get just one more chance to impress the four judges.

While the popular male artist Alfred Hui from Hong Kong was giving his guest performance, behind the scenes the scores were being counted.

And the winner of The Voice of China Season 4 – European Auditions is Zheng Ge Zi (郑格子), a student from Glasgow, United Kingdom. She entered The Voice of China European Auditions because she loves music and singing and always wanted to get on the bigger stage, reach out for a bigger audience. “As long as there is a possibility to perform, she won’t miss this chance”, she says.

She now represents Europe at The Voice of China Season 4 – European Auditions. In the summer she will go to China to enter the Blind Auditions of The Voice of China Season 4.

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