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Property Investment vs Building Work

The Chinese Built Environment Experts team are holding a property investment and building work event on Monday 2 June at the Chinese Community Centre in London. Home owners, investors, landlords, professionals and students can learn about how a property can be enhanced by carrying out building work and meet people from the construction industry who will be giving advice and tips.

As a home owner, it will be a good opportunity to consult Architects, Building Surveyors, Quantity Surveyors and Building Contractors to understand the home improvement process.

For investors and landlords, there will be useful talks by Estate Agents to explain the trend of the housing market and what to look for when investing in properties.

Professionals and students can meet C-BEEs members to explore opportunities for career development.

Building Contractors are also welcomed to join this event which can be great opportunities for you to meet potential clients.

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 华人建筑环境专家联盟(C-BEEs) 2014年系列活动之一


时间: 2014 年六月二日,星期一

地点: 伦敦中国城,华人中心 Chinese Community Centre, 2 Leicester Court, London WC2H 7DW





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