Kieran Lai – Britain’s Got Talent Semi Finalist

By John Hilliard

Anyone watching this year’s Britain’s Got Talent TV show will not have failed to notice the emergence of a new dancing sensation. 17-year-old Kieran Lai, from Southend in Essex, has only been dancing for 5 years and has already won both British and World Championship titles. What is even more astonishing is that his road to success began by emulating street dancers he watched on Youtube.

“I would watch and study dancers performing tutting, poppin and lockin moves” Kieran reveals. “I would then try to do the same but also throw in some of my own moves as well”.

Copyright ITV
Copyright ITV

Looking to perfect his moves Kieran joined Kayzar Dance, owned by Nader Boulila, four years ago. Recalling his first memory of Kieran, Nader said: “It was immediately obvious to us that Kieran was immensely talented. We fine tuned his technique and taught him different styles that he picked up extremely quickly. At Kayzar we pride ourselves on being able to turn anyone into an exceptional dancer but Kieran is a true natural.”

Kieran has continued his development at Kayzar and found a niche in the UK dance community. Taking influences from Manga to video games, Kieran moulds it into his dance routines, not to copy, but to reinvent. In 2013 this talent was put to use when he was cast in the film Allstars. He played the part of Kurt, a cocky street dancer who tries to put a local youth centre out of business by beating the films heroes in a talent competition. The traits of the character are a million miles away from the quiet young man before me. “I loved playing the baddie but it’s not me at all” Kieran laughs. “I would probably try to teach my rival how to improve his dancing”. This is a passion Kieran enjoys as much as dancing himself, helping other Kayzar members improve and refine their own skills. “Watching someone develop as a dancer is a wonderful thing” Kieran smiles.

I ask him what he has planned for the future? “I am currently taking my A Levels after which I hope to go to University to study Marketing” he replies. “I would love to bring my two passions together by marketing dance schools and events all over the world”. Whatever this amiable young man decides to do in the future, there is no doubt, if he brings the same passion and work ethic to his future career, he will be a huge success!

Kieran’s next appearance will be on Saturday 31st May 2014 on Britain’s Got Talent from 7pm on ITV

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