London Chinese community comes out in force for Stronger in Europe event

Photos by Allan Hong ©NEEHAO

The Chinese community showed their support for remaining in Europe by coming out in force to an event organised by the Stronger In Europe Campaign Group.

In exactly 7 days, Britons will go to the polls to vote in, arguably, the most important decision: whether Britain chooses to remain or leave the European Union. The EU referendum has thus far witnessed impassioned and well-articulated messages from both sides of the argument. Yesterday, in a first of its kind for the Chinese in Britain regarding the EU referendum, we heard the opinions for remaining from the political heavyweights of the Chinese community as well as from cabinet minister, Jeremy Hunt, MP.

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A packed audience at the London Chinese Community Centre
The case for remaining.
The Secretary of State for Health and political heavyweights from the Chinese community.

The event was held in the heart of Chinatown at the London Chinese Community Centre with speakers including the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, MP, the head of Chinese for Labour, Sonny Leong, CBE, Conservative Councillor, Alex Yip, Chinese Liberal Democrats representative, Tat Yan Cheung and hosted by Conservative Friends of the Chinese member, Jackson Ng.

All the speakers made their cases for staying in Europe, particularly making it relevant to the Chinese community.

Speaking first, Chinese for Labour’s Sonny Leong said: “Chinese manufacturers who invest in Britain know they can get a foothold to sell to consumers throughout Europe. China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, has warned that a vote to leave the EU could force Chinese businesses operating in Britain to relocate”.

Chinese for Labour's Sonny Leong, CBE.
Chinese for Labour’s Sonny Leong, CBE.

Jeremy Hunt, MP said: “The EU is China’s biggest trading partner, they export more to the EU than they do to America. With Britain remaining, we have a relationship of equals with the best possible tariffs we can get. If we were to leave the EU, we will be negotiating with much larger countries and the deal may not be as favourable”

Jeremy Hunt MP
Jeremy Hunt MP
Alex Yip, the first Chinese councillor in Birmingham said:
Alex Yip, the first Chinese councillor in Birmingham said: “The economy and immigration was the two key issues for a lot of people and that a Brexit could not improve either”.
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Liberal Democrats’ Tat Yan Cheung also echoed the importance of remaining and that the Chinese community should be encouraged to vote on the 23rd June.
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Jackson Ng rounded off the rally by saying: The risk of leaving are too great and unknown. Britain would certainly be stronger, safer and better off inside a reformed EU”.
Community members who want In.
Community members who want In.
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