Chinese Designer Homeware @100% Design London

Shang Home wraps meaningful Eastern Zen wisdom/philosophy into modern minimalist aesthetics, a big leap away from traditional Chinese designs. LKK design house is behind Shang Home and they will be taking their homeware line to 100% Design (Earls Court, London) in September, one of the biggest design events of the year, being the first Chinese design consultancy to do so. 


The Chinese Zither tea tray has a USB music player, with a vibration mechanism, it plays different sounds with different mediums. Other works envelopes traditional Zen/Chinese philosophy with Western design influences creating a balance which is pleasing to the sight and touch.


Head designer David Jia worked on research and design for 10 years in order to come up with the Shang Home range. He says;

” Shang dedicates itself to making homeware that redefines the art of modern Zen living while enlightening and enriching the soul. The intricate blend of Western aesthetics, modern and traditional craftsmanship allows wisdom to trickle into your daily lives ”   



For more information visit their Fb Page


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