Chinese psychology experts visit Birmingham to explore future links

Psychology experts from Sun Yat Sen University in China visited the University of Birmingham to explore potential for working together on future research, as well as student and staff exchange.

The visitors took the opportunity to drop in on their ‘2+2’ students from the university in Guangzhou, southern China, who are studying at Birmingham.

Professor Ding-Guo Gao, Chairman, of the Department of Psychology at Sun Yat Sen joined Dr. Samantha Jing Pan, Associate Department Chairperson for Undergraduate Affairs.

The guests were welcomed by Professor Kim Shapiro, Head of the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham and met a range of senior academic staff from the University.

Professor Shapiro said: “Our distinguished guests’ visit is testament to the University of Birmingham’s growing reputation in China and presents another exciting opportunity for our researchers to foster strong partnerships across the globe.”

“As a global ‘civic’ university in the 21st century, our responsibilities include contributing to enriching the life of both our home city and the wider world. We look forward to developing strong partnerships in psychology research with Sun Yat Sen University, as well as enhancing the education we already provide to their students.”

The Chinese delegation also took the opportunity to discuss the joint degree programmes already established between the two universities and explore opportunities to expand existing collaborations to include post-graduate study and the exchange of academic staff.

Their meetings at Birmingham followed last year’s visit of Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Myra Nimmo to Guangzhou, where she signed a programme for undergraduate studies.

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