Chinese student Junchi Deng at Royal College of Music to play in British film

Junchi Deng, a young Chinese musician in his last days of post graduate studies at the Royal College of Music in London, has been chosen by BAFTA winning director Christine Edzard to play solo accordion in her new film adaptation of The Good Soldier Schwejk.

Her new feature film will be shot entirely inside the small theatre at Sands Films Studios in Rotherhithe, during the course of 6 cabaret-style performances with live music and audience participation.

Junchi will play his part of the musical score, written by Michel Sanvoisin and based on Mozart, from one of the boxes on the side of the theatre, and will be seen on camera. “We are excited to have Junchi on board” said producer Olivier Stockman, “he is wonderfully photogenic and a superb musician”.

A Kickstarter campaign was initiated to raise funds for the music budget for The Good Soldier Schwejk. Sands Films invites London’s Chinese community to get involved and support this wonderful young musician!

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