Chinese Student UK City Spotlight – Nottingham

—————- George’s Kitchen, Queen Street, Nottingham City Centre —————-

George's Kitchen - The perfect English meal
George’s Kitchen – The perfect English meal

Nottingham was designated as a Science City in 2005 in recognition of its rich scientific heritage, industrial base and role as a leading research centre. With two universities in the city attracting many Chinese and East Asian students, Nee Hao shines a spotlight on the city, by asking the overseas students what they think of the city and their recommendations on social activities.

Nottingham has many things to shout about – let’s not forget the Bramley apple, HP Sauce, Ibuprofen, the Raleigh Chopper, shin guards, and MRI scanning which all originated from the county of Nottinghamshire.

Business student, Henry Cheng, gives us a brief introduction to the city. 

Henry Cheng enjoys a night out. Some food, some drink, but above all, some dancing is on the cards.

Can you recommend one place which is a must see if you are in Nottingham? 

There are many must see places, but I like history and nature so Wollaton Park is a nice place to go to. On its grounds stands a historic Hall which was built in the 1500s. The park has over 500 acres of beautiful gardens and parkland.

Is Nottingham a good place to study?

Nottingham is a very student friendly city for sure. The Chinese student societies are very close knit, supporting and encouraging each other.

What is the nightlife like for Chinese students? 

The night life is alive here. I think historically the event organisers have always put on a good show. Coco Tang is a really cool bar to go to for Chinese events. In general the city centre is quite vibrant.

Featured Events 


VE Events with University of Nottingham Chinese Student Society, University of Nottingham Thai Society, University of Nottingham CSSA, University of Nottingham Vietnamese Society, Nottingham Trent Chinese Society and Nottingham Trent CSSA.

7 Nov 2015 – Hosted by The University of Nottingham Chinese Students Society

Featured Restaurant 

Queen St, Nottingham
Queen St, Nottingham


Nottingham City Council and Market Square, Nottingham
Nottingham City Council and Market Square, Nottingham

The president of the University of Nottingham Chinese Student Society, Samuel Lau, gives us his views on student life and the city.


Civil Engineering

What were your first impressions of the UK? 

Much colder than Hong Kong

What’s your favourite building in the city?

The Trent Building

How did you become the president of UoN Chinese Student Society?

The ex ex president and ex president persuaded me.

What events have your society organised?

Since I was elected as UNCSS president, we organised the Orientation camp, reception-day and freshers dinner.

What are the upcoming society events?

There will be the famous Nottingham Games , VShow, Christmas dinner, Chinese new year dinner and the singing contest to follow.

Which one of your society events do you think is the most important?

I think the Nottingham Games is the most important one because it is traditionally the biggest sporting inter uni championship. The games will have more than 20 other universities as participants. Everyone is welcome and we will go out socially afterwards.

What do overseas students normally do in their spare time?

Some will go out and explore the city and experience the local foods. Others may just stay at home and watch a TV series or play computer games such as LOL.


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