Chinese students from UK universities in sailing event

Chinese on deck

22 Chinese Students from the Universities of Liverpool, Portsmouth and Brighton went on an adventure of a lifetime with the Apprenticeship Cup event. The event was organised by the Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust and China Sail Training Association.

There were many teams from the Liverpool area, which consisted of young apprentices. They had the opportunity to learn teamwork and leadership outside their usual work environment. It gave Chinese students an opportunity for cultural exchanges with people from different nationalities.

Apprentice Ship Cup 2014
Apprentice Ship Cup 2014

Apprentice Ship Cup 2014

The 2016 Apprenticeship Cup will be in June next year and the ships will sail from Liverpool to Bristol and Falmouth. It will consist of two 10 day voyages. 50 Chinese students have already signed up. The fleet will be led by the Lord Nelson and it is timed to dovetail with the Tall Ships Race 2016 from Antwerp.

Chinese students, including other nationalities, will be encouraged to join the Tall Ships Races. Sailing around the UK is easier for Chinese nationals, who have student visas.

Liverpool has the oldest Chinese community in Europe. Many Chinese sailors settled in the city after spending their working lives on Tall Ships and steam ships.

If you are interested in sailing trips contact: [email protected]


Click on image for tickets
Click on image for tickets
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