DJ Miss Yellow Hong Kong

Former model and TVB actress, Wong Yat Tung a.k.a. Miss Yellow is one of Hong Kong’s premier female DJs. Her style of mixing and tune selection have made her a favourite amongst the clubbing circuits in Asia.


DJ Miss Yellow talks to Nee Hao

Miss Yellow has been in love with music since she was a toddler, she entered singing competitions as a teenager. At 18 she started modelling after being discovered by a modelling scout. She entered the Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant shortly thereafter, thus started her career as an actress in TVB, Hong Kong’s major television network. In her 8 years with TVB, she has been in countless movies, TV series, music shows, travelogues and variety programs that have been broadcasted all over Asia.

In the past few years, her love and passion for music has continued to grow. Being a longtime fan and collector of electro, breakbeats, house, hip hop and R&B, she decided to invest in DJ equipment and learned how to mix and blend her favourite music, with a little help from her mentor, HK’s own DJ Ryan Li. In her first year of DJing, she was booked in various high profile clubs all over Hong Kong, and held private parties at Club Magazine, with guests such as international movie star Zhou Xun and acclaimed photographer Wing Shya.

How did you first get into DJing?

I was in the midst of shooting a new TV series, when I found out I had a new passion for mixing music. I want to devote time for music in my life and Djing allows me to fulfil that dream.

What do you prefer turntables or CDJs?
I prefer turntables, the touch of vinyl just feels better to me. But for small clubs I prefer CDJs, because there are no needles, so the songs will run more smoothly, it makes me feel safer when the people bounce in front of me.

What countries have you done gigs in?

I’ve been to Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, Macau and many different places in China.

What’s the nicest venue you have played in?

All the venues have been really nice so far, they all have different styles. I’m lucky!!, although I think the interaction between me and the audience is more important. I feel good when they scream!!

Any places that you would like to play at?
Europe, UK, Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, Dubai, Indonesia… actually I wanna play all over the world, meet more good people and share my love.

What are your musical influences both Chinese and Western?

I can understand the lyrics of Chinese songs 100%, so I can get into it very easily, but for Western songs, I learn more about the musical instruments, rhythms, cultures, etc. There are many differences between Chinese and Western music.

Do you still do any acting?
Yes, if there is a good script and role. I’m waiting.

In the UK Chinese community we have our own DJ Lazyellow, would you like to come play a gig here and maybe a collaboration?

Sure, DJ Lazyellow vs DJ Miss Yellow sounds interesting!! I haven’t been to the UK for a while so would love to meet you guys. Watch this space.

What kind of clothes do you wear when DJing, style or comfort?

Both. Also it depends on my mood or the DJs who play with me, like last time when I played with 2Many DJs, I knew they usually wear suits, so I wore black and white stripes to match them.

What is your favourite tune at the moment in your set?

“Baby I’m yours” by Breakbot

What are your future plans?

Ummm…. usually I don’t plan too much, it’s more exciting for me to just go with the flow, God will plan for me anyway. I’m having a tour in Europe soon, also I’m going to learn drums, let’s see what will happen.
How do you relax after playing a gig?
Get wasted, hahaha…. nahhh….. I will go to meet nature, eat some good food, take some great pictures, and hang out with my good friends


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