Dream Big Lose Big: British Chinese project’s gambling short documentary

‘Dream Big Lose Big’ is a short documentary film produced by the British Chinese Project to highlight the issue of gambling in the Chinese community and the profound impact gambling can have on an individual’s life.

With an estimated over half a million gambling addicts across Britain, the British Chinese community is not immune. For many Chinese gambling is seen as a bit of fun, a recreational pass time which can be engaged in as an individual or with friends. However, in recent years locals in London’s Chinatown have expressed concerns about the growing number of betting establishments cropping up in the precinct. Within around half a mile of the area there are more than 30 betting shops and casinos, occupying a space traditionally better known for its grocery stores and restaurants.

Middle-aged Loo Sim Jong, a reforming addict who has spent the past several years seeking professional help, shares his tale as a man who initially began gambling as a bit of fun but is faced with the mammoth task of piecing together his life as he comes to terms with not just financial loss but losing his most valued possession of all – his wife.

Experts interviewed hope to share the message that prevention is the best cure for gambling addiction, and offer alternative lifestyle choices such as tai-chi, playing Chinese chequers and faith for addicts and the general Chinese population alike.

Through this film the British Chinese Project hopes to promote awareness of gambling addiction and offer sufferers an alternative solution.

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