ESPN headline fail as it uses ‘Chink In The Armour’ for Jeremy Lin game

ESPN the American global network on sports broadcasting caused offence when using the headline ‘Chink In The Armour’ in reference to Knick’s loss to the Hornets. Although this expression is not offensive when used in a normal or different context, using this headline for an article about Jeremy Lin raised a few eyebrows. At very least, a bad taste joke or at worse, out right racism. ESPN has since removed the headline from its mobile site where it originally appeared and has released a statement to apologise. 

Do you think this was just a coincidence? Maybe a bad choice of words? Or just plan racism?

An ESPN presenter also used this phrase when talking about Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin is the new sensation playing for the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association in the USA.

He is the first and only American player in the league to be of Taiwanese descent whose roots stretch back to China. He recently came to the public’s attention in the NBA only as a squad player. But one moment changed his life as he scored a last-second three-pointer to win the game. He has gained massive popularity amongst basketball fans and the media around the world, and this phenomenon was coined ‘Linsanity’.

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