Event highlights: Burberry’s London in Shanghai


British fashion house Burberry overwhelmed audiences with a theatrical opening event to celebrate the launch of its Shanghai flagship store, on Friday. The event, titled ‘London in Shanghai’, did exactly so by bringing the their hometown of London to Shanghai by showcasing everything that was British – the icons, the rain, the umbrellas, the theatres. The three-story flagship store, situated in the Kerry Centre, is the first to have the famous digital experience in the Regent Street store in London transformed for consumers in Shanghai. This new experience will provide customers with a number of digital content such as runway shows and entertainment on interactive mirrors and digital screens around the store to enhance their shopping experience. 

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Aside from the show featuring a number of top listed supermodels walking down the runway, the event was also star-studded with celebrities such as Carina Lau, Angelababy, Chen Kun, Vicki Zhao, Gwei Lun Mei, Du Juan and Kai Ko. However, not forgetting its British heritage, iconic British faces such as models Cara Delevigne and Suki Waterhouse; actor Jamie Campbell Bower; and singers Paloma Faith and George Ezra, also graced the red carpet and stage that night.

Whilst Paloma Faith gave a spectacular performance and upcoming act George Ezra also sang alongside the theatrical umbrella dance, one of its main highlight was Cara Delevigne giving the 1500 high-profiled guests at the event an extraordinarily memorable finale. The model was seen flying down the catwalk above the crowd in the venue, accompanied by falling confetti and of course the signature Burberry umbrella. No doubt, such a stunt was enough to get everyone to take out their cameras and in an instant, images were posted all over social media by these influential guests who each have millions of followers. Burberry once again succeeds in marketing their brand effectively by not only making a statement nationally in China, but also globally with the power of social media thanks to its collaboration with WeChat and their extensive list of influential guests who attended the event.

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Carina Lau wearing Burberry Kerry Collection at the Burberry event celebrating London in Shanghai, 24 April 2014_1 copy

Angelababy wearing Burberry at the Burberry event celebrating London in Shanghai, 24 April 2014 copy

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