Favotell – Bridging the UK and Chinese market through Art and Fashion

Tell us about yourself. How and why did you set up Favotell?

I am a Chinese native and studied my BA And Master at Central Saint Martins, London, which equipped me well with fine art and luxury management expertise. Personally I am passionate about art and have been practicing Chinese painting since I was very little.

When I was a fine art student, I was inspired by my partner Jay who is a veteran fashion designer. I think it is very exciting to combine art and fashion together. On the other hand, I also realised that Chinese designers are not well promoted as international designers in both China and Europe, which explain why Chinese consumers rarely buy into domestic designers. I want to change this situation.

Based on these reasons, I set up FAVOTELL last year and we are expanding fast. We are an organisation committed to providing rising international fashion and art talent with the recognition they deserve within the competitive UK and China marketplaces. Based between Shanghai and London, Favotell is the cultural bridge between two global leaders in an industry which grows in reputation. Favotell means ‘I want to tell you my favourite’.


What is Favotell’s mission?

By focusing on the careful introduction of just a select few of the most promising international designers and artists at any one time, Favotell’s objective is to inspire partnership and collaboration between international designers and artists. 

The fashion industry is such a huge entity in the modern world, and it can be difficult for foreign designers to break in, no matter how well suited their product and vision may be. We set out to make matches we feel are destined to happen; though without our mediation simply and sadly would not.

What are the main differences and similarities in fashion between the East (China) and the West (the UK)?

Fashion design has become more and more globalised in terms of style, and designers get inspiration from each other and more and more young designers have been education aboard. However, the way of fashion industry works between the East and the West is still vastly different. I have to say that the West is more creative and has its certain rules to follow which the East should really catch up. Having said that, the East is catching up really fast and we see more and more rising fashion designers and artists in the East that inspire to go global.

How are you helping the young designers and fashion artists of the future to get a start in the industry?

First of all, we provide fabric resourcing and manufactory service for all designers to support their design and production at the first place. Secondly, we hold various offline events and provide local media relations support to promote designers and artists in the local market – either in China and the UK. I do believe, good design and products with effective promotion will make the brand shine in the market as the first step. Designers and artists will find their way much easier when they develop their careers afterwards.

What are the strengths of Favotell that will make this brand a success? Who are other members in the team?

FAVOTELL has a very young but professional team who all come from China and the UK and all had studied aboard and have diversified experience in fashion and art. From a business point of view, we have team members who have financial and legal back ground to help Favotell to go through any possible challenges. We are extremely hard working and determined with full passion for art and fashion. Every member in the team is so looking forward to discovering more talented emerging designers and artists on FAVOTELL’s stage. 

What market are you aiming for?

It is somewhere between high street fashion and luxury where you will find the emerging talented designers in this industry. FAVOTELL does have plans to launch boutique store in Central London and Shanghai in the near future.

What’s in the future for Favotell?

FAVOTELL will be a significant, go-to brand for customers to find emerging, quality art and fashion work, as well as an exciting, trusted platform for upcoming designers and artists to start and develop their careers. 




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