First Chinese Conservative Association Chairman

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Edmond Yeo JP, the Chairman of the Chinese Information and Advice Centre (CIAC) last night was elected the Chairman of Ealing North Conservatives Association (ENCA).

He becomes the first ever Chinese in England and the rest of the UK to be elected to this position within the local Tory association with wide ranging executive powers in the running of the local political party.

Edmond first joined the Conservatives in 1980 when he was still a student. Soon later in 1982 – 1986 he served the political assistant to Henry Greenway MP (Ealing North 1979 – 1997).

After his return from Hong Kong in 2002, he continued his interest in politics and as a party activist has served in various officer capacities such as Vice Chairman, Deputy Chairman (Fundraising), Deputy Chairman (Membership), and Deputy Chairman (Political) recently. He was elected and served as a Perivale Ward Councillor in 2006 – 2010. He also stood as the first Chinese GLA candidate in 2008.

Edmond is standing as a Conservative Councillor candidate in Greenford Green Ward in the forthcoming local election on 22 May 2014


华人资料及咨询中心 (CIAC) 主席杨庆权太平绅士昨晚当选为伊灵北保守党协会 (ENCA) 主席。


杨先生于1980年首次加入保守党,当他还是个学生; 之后在1982年至1986年期间担任当时亨利•格林威MP (伊灵北1979年至1997年) 的政治助理。

2002年他从香港返英后,继续积极参与政治活动,并先后出任多个职位如地区保守党副主席,及多个不同性质如筹款、会籍、政治项目的副主席职务。他于2006-2010年出任伊灵Perivale区议员。 2008年杨先生亦成为了伦敦市政府 (GLA) 第一位华人候选人。

2014年5月22日杨先生将代表保守党于伊灵Greenford Green 选区参选。

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