Top 10 Tips for the Perfect Wedding

Are you planning an up and coming wedding? Do you want to make it special, spectacular, and memorable? The Tao Tao and Jenny from Owin Studio have a few tips to share to secure and safeguard your special day. 

Jenny and Tao Tao

1. Plan ahead. Usually couples book their wedding a year or more in advance. At Owin, we come across many brides who need their ceremony to take place in a short amount of time, and we can accommodate them, but often, not many wedding planning companies can.

Make sure you make a comprehensive check list! On your special day, it’s important to make sure that the key people involved has the contact numbers of the bride, bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen. Sometimes people forget that the bride might not be able to answer her phone, so being prepared with a list of numbers of her cohort is key.

2. Thing about budgeting and how you can save money on less essential things. Find a wedding planner that can work with your budget and meet your concerns. We can do just that!

3. Make sure you book your pre-wedding shoot with a great photographer – it’ll help you test out whether you want to use him/her for the real thing!


4. Think about what music you want to play at your wedding. It’s a very personal choice. Sometimes it’s easy to decide, but in some cases couples regret not thinking hard enough about it. Usually, the groom and bride will have a song they both love and associate with each other. That’s always a great potential choice for the first dance they have as man and wife!

5. Make sure that the venue you want is available for the big day. Don’t leave it to the last minute. Even if you go through a wedding planner, sometimes the venue you want is already booked or cannot accommodate the time and date you want. Always check if your wedding planner has a working relationship with a venue. We’ve got great contacts with many places and we might even be able to get you a better price.

6. Always remember buttonholes!

7. Get your flower seasons right. Clients may want a particular flower for their wedding. However, sometimes it might not be the flower’s season – so to source it, it might be extra expensive, or you might not be able to have it all. Make sure you consider whether or not it’s the right climate for the flower of your choice.


8. Think about colour scheme and stick with it. If you change your mind about your colour scheme it might be difficult to alter things already ordered or to make things match.

9. Organise your tables and seating plans properly. Sometimes it’s fun to name them, and makes it easier for guests to work out where they’re supposed to be. “Destiny’s Child” and “Boyz II Men” as table names were our personal favourites!

10. Make sure you prepare and practice your vows thoroughly. Even the most suave smooth-talkers can get star struck on the day and not be able to express what they truly want to say.

And most importantly, enjoy your big day!  


Owin Studio is a wedding planner with a difference, they provide a multitude of services including photography, videography, customised bridal dresses, and planning.

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