First public screening of the acclaimed documentary on transracial adoption

The First public screening of the acclaimed documentary – Abandoned Adopted Here by Lucy Sheen.

From 50s, 60s Colonial Hong Kong to pre-multicultural UK, a group of Hong Kong foundlings were transracially adopted. Lucy interviewed a few of her fellow adoptees to explore whether their experience of identity and belonging had been as challenging as hers. How far do other British East Asians feel a lack of belonging or identity or is it just something that culturally displaced babies and children feel?

This documentary has been selected for screening at Singapore World International Film Festival, Hong Kong World International Film Festival and Minnesota Transracial Film Festival.
“Abandoned Adopted Here is one of the best treatments of transracial identity in film that I have seen.” – Dawn Tomlinson, President of AdopSource Minneapolis.

Abandoned Adopted Here challenges the idea and concept of transracial adoption. This documentary, by looking through history and the differences of cultures, discusses the impact of this phenomenon and how that affects the adoptees and the British East Asians in the UK society.

The documentary will be screened at the DLT Lecture Theatre at SOAS, at 7 pm on 7 April 2016. DLT Lecture Theatre. SOAS. London. It will be followed by a Q&A section chaired by Dr. Diana Yeh.

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