Four of China’s Leading Snooker Professionals Move To Gloucester

Four of China’s leading snooker professionals have recently moved to Gloucestershire. The quartet comprising of Liu Chuang, Xiao Guodong, Pengfei Tian and Cao Yupeng have been signed by On Q Promotions to train and receive coaching at the worlds leading Snooker complex based in the city of Gloucester UK. The South West Snooker Academy is a purpose built facility providing the finest equipment of the highest level, allowing both social and professional members to practice and enjoy its facilities. They are recognised by the sport’s governing body, World Snooker, as its ‘Centre of Excellence’.

Nee Hao Magazine have teamed up with On Q Promotions, the management agency responsible for 26 of the world’s leading professional players in offering readers a chance to meet the Chinese players and have a game with them. We will be consulting with Snooker clubs and tournament organisers for the British Chinese and East Asian community to submit nominations and the best players will have the opportunity to play a few frames with the professionals.

The four On Q Promotions Chinese lads are looking forward to having a holiday and joining in some of the festive fun.

Guodong explains “We will stay in the UK over the Christmas period. We have a short break from tournaments but not enough time to go home and it’s not a special time in China.”
Pengfei joins in to say “Maybe you can tell people we like parties! It is a time when we can take a rest and relax” adds Pengfei.

“It would be good fun to join some parties with the British boys. Maybe I can meet a new girlfriend” says Chuang Liu. The Chinese boys laugh, but Chuang smiles and says “I have no girlfriend at the moment, maybe I can meet a nice new Chinese girl.”

“You can help us. Introduce us to new girlfriends” comes the plea from Yupeng Cao who has already earned himself an army of female admirers with his appearances in the televised stages of events, most recently at York in the UK Championship.

Guodong Xiao claims “I’m not looking for a girlfriend at the moment. I concentrate on my snooker and I think girlfriends are a distraction!” Pengfei Tian only gets to see his girlfriend Zhu about 5 times a year. “We are away in the UK and in tournaments for such long periods. Zhu lives in Wuxi so I only see her when we play there or I am in Shanghai or another city close by. We spend a lot of time apart. “

Liu Chuang
Xiao Guodong
Pengfei Tian
The £2 million pound purpose built complex – On Q Promotions – South West Snooker Academy, The Capital Venue, Edison Close, Gloucester, GL2 2FN
The South West Snooker Academy where the Chinese Players are based



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