Goji Berries

Goji berries are one of the most nutritional berry fruits in the world. They contain the complete spectrum of food antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals too. Very popular in Chinese culture, and now hitting the mainstream in the western world with celebrities such as Madonna and Liz Hurley singing its praises. It can improve your mental health, libido (if you want it to) as well as many other things.

How to eat them

Goji berries which are also called Wolf berries can be eaten raw or cooked with foods, soups, or made as a tea. In fact it is highly versatile and can be added to anything, even dessert. They originated from the the Himalayan mountains and in parts of China. Now they can be found all over the world but they don’t come cheap compared with other fruits or berries. In the UK prices on average are around £2 pounds for a 50g bag of dried Goji berries, and £5 pounds for a 200g bag. Fresh ones are harder to come by. Eating it fresh tastes really juicy, sweet and slightly savoury, with the flavour being similar to an orange, tomato and  a mild chilli all rolled into one. A dried one tastes like a savoury cranberry.

Healthy and nutritional

This little bright red berry the size of a small raisin is packed with so much goodness that pound for pound they contain more vitamin C than oranges, more beta carotene than carrots, and more iron in them than a piece of beef.
Goji berries contain the complete spectrum of food antioxidants and as well as other vitamins and minerals. They can improve your eyesight especially if you have problems seeing in the dark and also help slow down the ageing process. Eating them can also improve your sex life (if you have one) by giving you more energy and concentration. However it must be noted that it is better to eat 5 portions of fruit or vegetables a day to maintain a balanced diet.

Grow your own

In the UK growing these berries can be challenging but if you can pull it off then you get delicious fresh ones and also save money. It takes about a year from when you first sow them to get any results but consideration for the cold weather and birds who also love them will have to be taken into account.
The Goji berries come on a vine, you need to get this either from good international plant stockists or from the internet. Then you plant the vine into a soiled area of your garden with good sunlight just before summer, and in 12 months from the time of planting it will come to fruition.

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