Karho of Nottinham Trent Uni

With the spring semester starting in universities across the UK soon, the 100,000 Chinese students studying in the UK can be feeling all excited again. Nee Hao Magazine  brings you some insights to University life.

Karho Cheung is the president of Nottingham Trent University Chinese Society, he talks to Nee Hao.

What’s Nottingham like?

Nottingham is a diverse city in the middle of the UK. It has a rich history and is home to two of the biggest universities in Nottingham Trent and Nottingham Uni. The city of course is famous for the lace trade in the 19th century and of course, Robin Hood. The town centre is always busy and there is a lot to do as well as that, the female population outnumbers males 5 to 1.

Karho likes reading big books

Nottingham like most big cities has a big Chinese population, many students come overseas to study here and a lot have settled here as well. This means  there are plenty of activities, restaurants, club nights and events catering specially for the Chinese students from the mainland and locals.

How did you become president of Nottingham Trent University Chinese society?

The society helped me in my transition from living in London to Nottingham helping me make new friends. Watching the society do so poorly last year made me feel the need to improve the society for future students to enjoy their stay as much as I did.  I believe that university is such an important time in a young persons life.

What does the post entail?

My job includes running a team of dedicated members to help organise activities for our members. We will organise events such as paintballing, London trips & Alton Towers. However there is a lot more work beneath the surface. We have to make sure our marketing is correct as we print thousands of leaflets to send overseas, as well as organise budgets and finances; we need to negotiate with businesses in order to gain the funds needed to arrange these events. I’m quite lucky that I have very skilled staff with whom I can rely on to delegate work to, so that the workload is shared and that results in us keeping a high level of service.

What places do you recommend to eat and go out in?

There are plenty of good restaurants in Nottingham, however if I had to recommend one it would be Mandarin restaurant for its authenticity.

What course are you doing?

I’m a 3rd year business student with a marketing route.
What advice would you give to new students coming to Nottingham to study?
Make the most of your time, the 3 (or 4) years of your course will fly by and you will soon find yourself nearly finished and entering the world of work. Join societies, make new friends and have a healthy mix between socialising and work.

Where were you born and raised?

I’m a proud British Born Chinese brought up in North West London!

What are your future plans?

My future plans involve working for a large multinational management consulting firm. However I don’t like to think about future plans so much because I enjoy university so much for now!


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