Golden Hill All Stars wins Bristol Confederations cup

Golden Hill All Stars triumphed over South West Athletic 5-2 in the final of the Bristol China Cup, an annual cup competition that seeks to encourage more British Chinese/East Asians in Bristol to play competitive football. 

Golden Hill All Stars, Winners of Bristol China Cup 2012 Sunday 24th June

In this fiercely fought contest on a sunny afternoon at Clifton College Sports Ground, South West Athletic were leading by 2 goals against the run of play up until half time, but Golden Hill staged a courageous comeback, scoring 5 goals in the second half to put the game to bed.

Many people made up of friends, family, and supporters turned out for this event instigated by Nee Hao Magazine. It proved a great advertisement in promoting sporting interests to the local British Chinese and East Asian communities of Bristol.

South West Athletic Runners Up Bristol China Cup 2012

Match Report

Golden Hill All Stars : 5   

(Hieu Chao, 3 goals, Sy Chenh, Kok Wing Lo)

 South West Athletic : 2 

(Mark Li, 2 goals)

Photos Sin Mei Lam

First Half 

In the first half, Golden Hill All Stars tried to dominate with a free flowing passing game but lone striker Phil Vien wasted a number of chances by not being clinical enough in front of goal. South West Athletic did some good defending at times and contained Golden Hill, with a Mike Shek and Francis Lok defensive partnership.

Hong Lau makes a spectacular save to keep scores humble for South West Athletic Photo by Sin Mei Lam

Then against the run of play SW Athletic captain and man of the match Mark Li converted a free kick to make it 1-0. Shell shocked Golden Hill searched for an equaliser with Kakui Wong, Shak Ahmed and Tac Vien pulling the strings in midfield and often gained the upper hand in battling against their opposite counterparts, Henry Griffey, Jonathan Lai and Chris Wu.

Mark Li (in yellow) got Man of the Match scoring 2 goals for his team despite losing 5-2

Things went from bad to worse for Golden Hill as they conceded another goal, again scored by captain fantastic Mark Li from another set piece to make it 2-0 leading into half time. Despite Golden Hill’s good reputation and dazzling displays, they appeared to have little knowledge on how to defend free kicks, inexperienced keeper Kalel Vong tried his best, barking out orders to the wall which fell on deaf ears .

Second Half 

In the second half Golden Hill’s tactical switch paid off as they made a thrilling comeback netting 5 times with Hieu Chao bagging a hat trick, and a goal each from Sy Chenh and Kok Wing Lo to totally turn the game on its head.

SW Athletic played a higher line in the second half but this lead to the back four being exposed. Chris Lai held his own despite being the youngest player on the pitch at 14 years old. His dad and team player manager David Lai was very slow up front, and at times looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights, underestimated the opponents and hardly touched the ball as Golden Hill’s defenders Waj Voong, Daniel Vien, and Kok Wing Lo snuffled him out as he played a non existent role, leaving goal keeper Kalel Vong with little to do. Hong Lau the opposite keeper, was kept busy and made a few amazing saves to keep the scores humble.

In the end the game was comfortably won by Golden Hill All Stars and they get to keep the title of being Bristol’s best British Chinese/East Asian team. 

It’s not just about the winning or losing but the taking part

Ratings submitted by the captains of the respective teams : Hieu Chao & Mark Li 

Golden Hill All Stars 

GK Phuc Vong 7, LB Daniel Vien 7, CB David Wright 8, CB Kok Wing Lo 8, RB Tim 6, LM James Vien 6, HM Sy Chenh 8, CM Kakui Wong 7, CM Tac Vien 7, RM Hieu Chao 9, CF Phil Vien 6. Subs: Shaks Ahmed 7, Waj Voong 7, Quan Khau 7

South West Athletic

GK Laurence 7, RB Chris Lau 7, CB Francis Lok 7, CB Mike Shek 7, LB Chris Lai 5, RM Henry Griffey 6, CM Jonathan Lai 6, CM Du Du Silveira 5, LM Chris Wu 5, AM Mark Li 9, CF David Lai 4. Subs: GK Hong Lau 5, CM Kim Lau 7, CM Alan Lee 5, RB Qiao Li 6

The losing team had to line up in the goal area, while the winning team had the privilege to take shots at their backsides.
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